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What is GeAktiv?

GeAktiv is a highly active humus fertiliser and superior ecological product. It is the result of many years of investment and research of techniques for composting biological raw materials from nature. By using it you can increase the yield of agricultural crops by up to 35 %. It’s a fertiliser of completely organic origin so that its use ensures care of the environment and nature.

Why choose GeAktiv?
  • Because it increases the yield of agricultural crops up to 35 percent;
  • Because it activates in the soil immediately as opposed to some mineral and synthetic fertilisers that have delayed release of up to two to three weeks;
  • Because it doesn’t have an unpleasant odour;
  • Because it can reactivate your damaged (unfertile) agricultural land surface;
  • Because it represents a superior ecological product that doesn’t pollute the soil or groundwater;
  • Because it is the right choice for the future of agriculture – EU regulations dictate an increase in consumption of precisely this type of humus fertilisers as opposed to mineral and synthetic ones because it increases the yield of agricultural crops with a high level of environmental care.
Who should use GeAktiv?

GeAktiv should be used by all those who want to significantly increase the yield of their agricultural crops (up to 35 percent) in a short time with the aid of a highly active humus fertiliser that is harmless for humans and the environment.

How is the humus fertiliser GeAktiv made?

This innovative manufacturing process is based on natural processes and is completely harmless to humans and the environment. The raw materials are comprised of organic biological waste from nature – turkey and chicken droppings and grape pulp which has been mixed with sawdust to soak up water and neutralises potential odours before arriving in the compost. Upon being brought to the manufacturing site, this raw material that has been previously mixed with sawdust is covered with a biological layer of fungus that produces fertiliser without creating unpleasant odours or attracting flies and rodents. The final product is the high-quality organic humus fertiliser GeAktiv, that increases the yield of agricultural crops with a high level of care for the environment.

What is GeAktiv made of?

In the humus producing process only grape pulp and turkey and chicken droppings mixed with sawdust are used. The ingredients are of exclusively natural origin and for many farmers represent biological waste they have to get rid of. Through the production of this fertiliser, we transform natural waste into a superior ecological product and contribute to resolving the problem of illegal waste dumps of which just in Istria there are 266.

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