GeAktiv case study

Test with desert sand

Test: Christmas wheat was planted in a mixture of 50% desert sand and 50% plain GeAktiv, the test results shown in the illustrations.

Test with NPK

Test performed by Horticulture Alt which plants crops in plastic tunnels in comparison with NPK fertilisers.

Test on Cucumbers

SizeFertiliserNum. of plantsProductionProduction per plant
67 m²70L of GeAktiv200 Plants880 Kg4,40 Kg
67 m²8kg NPK200 Plants710 Kg3,55 Kg

Test on Peppers – Bianka

SizeFertiliserNum. of plantsProductionProducrtion per plantDecayHeight
67 m²70L of GeAktiv400 Plants492 Kg1,23 Kg2%55 cm
67 m²8kg NPK400 Plants380 Kg0,95 Kg5%75 cm

Higher production on fields with GeAktiv was reached mainly due to formation of large quantities of blossoms and lesser quantity of scrapped blossoms.

Test with other fertilisers 1

Testing with use of different substrates for planting vines were set near Ptuj by Haloze winery. Wine yard was planted in a vertical position, the soil was clayey – sandy, plowed to a depth of 35cm an ripped to 40 cm depth. For the experiment we planted grape variety Kerner based on Kober 5 BB.

NameQuantity usedCharacteristics
BIOPOST0,5 l per Plant0,8-1,4%N, 0,2-0,5% P2O5, 0,5-1,0% K2O, pH= 7,5
GEAKTIV1,0 l per PlantNPK=2:1,5:2, pH=7,4
HUMOVIT V2,0 l per Plant9%OG, pH=6,5
HUMOVIT V wine yard2,0 l per Plant15%OG, pH=6,5

We measured the length of plant grow. Measurement were done in autumn on 600 plants or. 12 varieties. The test was done with control sample in two repetitions.

Test with other fertilisers 2

Test results with the following average values:

NameAverage growthINDEX
BIOPOST114,6 cm105,13
GEAKTIV178 cm163,30
HUMOVIT V145 cm133,02
HUMOVIT V wine yard170,5 cm (used double quantity)156,42
CONTROL109 cm (used double quantity)100

Comment: From the data obtained, we get the following order of substrate quality based on quantities and described land.

Trajnice Golob Klančić

We at Trajnice Golob-Klančić already have more than twenty years experience with the cultivation of potted perennials, and we’ve used GeAktiv fertiliser from the very beginning, since we found out about the product. Even though there were already other organic compost fertiliser on the market at the time, we wanted a natural and quality product that truly nourished our plants while at the same time looking after the environment. We started using GeAktiv after it was personally recommended to us and it quickly became a must in our business operations and we also recommend it to all of our customers.

We use it for potted plants, mixed with ordinary soil in the garden, and also for fertilising parent plants. It is equally effective for both seedlings in the open, as well as in the home garden growing vegetables … The main advantages of GeAktiv fertiliser are the special microorganisms that make it exceptionally effective compared to other products on the market, such as its organic composition and equal level of quality throughout all these years.


ŠKOLARICE – Extra virgin olive oil

We first heard about Geaktiv from a farmer in Sermiska valley, who revealed to us that he owes the excellent results he’s achieved with his green crops precisely from Geaktiv fertiliser. This intrigued us enough to try and test the fertiliser ourselves in our olive groves, however we only started using in after our biotechnologist, the creator of Geaktiv, explained the entire process – from production all the way up to the method of use.  The most important thing to us is the quality of our oil, which is attested to by our numerous medals and golden acknowledgements at home and abroad. For example, at the Nočnjak competition in Makarska, we were declared vice-champions among a competition of 300 types of oil.

Unfortunately, on the market today there is a whole range of fertilisers which no one knows exactly how they function and how to properly use them, however we want to know what we’re treating our olive groves with. It’s important to us that we use a superior organic product in a way that does not negatively impact the environment.

We’ve been using Geaktiv for a full 17 years and our olives are in an excellent state. At one time we had problems with various pests, and even and nature didn’t spare us (drought, flooding, cold weather …). Our olive trees withstood all these problems. The key rule with the Geaktiv is that it must be used properly according to the instructions and at the precisely set moment. For olives this is at the end of January and beginning of February. Thanks to our biotechnologist and the fertiliser, our olives are growing under the most favourable possible conditions.

In Ljubljana we’ve even set up the first automatic oil dispenser so that our quality oil is accessible to everyone. Our oil is well known throughout Slovenia and we also export to Austria. Annually we produce about 2000 L of extra virgin olive oil. Our “green gold” is irreplaceable to us and that’s why we keep investing into increasing production, which isn’t difficult when we have the best possible partner – Geaktiv fertiliser.

ŠKOLARICE – Extra virgin olive oil